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Virus Guard

Protect Your Employees With A Virus Guard

One of the best ways to help protect your employees from viruses and other pathogens is by installing an acrylic shield around their work space. These are perfect for counters, cash registers, admission desks, etc. Virus Guard provides many of these easy to install barriers in several different configurations. We carry a line of predetermined sizes and shapes, but if you need something custom made for your unique situation, we offer that service as well. 


While acrylic shields installed around a working space are an excellent way to protect most employees, some workers and businesses operate in a mobile capacity. For these cases, our Face Shield Virus Guard may be the best option to keep employees safe. This face shield protects both its wearer and anyone they interact with from virus transmission. The Face Shield Virus Guard can be flipped down over the face, or flipped upward to expose the face when isolated and in no need of protection. 


If you need help trying to figure out which virus guard option is best for you, reach out to the professionals at The Virus Guard. Tell us about your needs and we’ll guide you to the choice that’s best for your business.

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