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Health And Safety Equipment

Quality Health And Safety Equipment

The team at Virus Guard is proud to offer several different products to help keep your employees safe and protected. These can be applied to any business open during these times. Whether you are a grocery store, retail store, hotel, or hospital our plastic PPE barriers can help keep both workers and customers safer.


Our health and safety equipment is made of high-quality materials, and designed to integrate comfortably into real workplace situations. These guards are guaranteed to function as a protective barrier between your team and possible contamination with customers and clients. It’s easily installed and adaptable, ensuring you can have your PPE equipment up and running to start protecting your essential team members ASAP.

We offer many different types and sizes of Virus Guard, including custom shields that can be made to suit your individual setup at your location. For some applications, a hanging sneeze guard suspended from the ceiling is the perfect solution. Self-standing barriers are perfect for counters, cash registers, admission desks, etc. For those who work on their feet, we offer a wearable sneeze guard. The Virus Guard face shield can be flipped down over the face, or flipped upward to expose the face when needed. Whatever the needs of your workers, we’re here to protect them and provide for them.

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