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Hanging Virus Guard Shield

Protect Your Employees with A Standing, Desktop, or Hanging Virus Guard Shield

If you’re currently open to the public or preparing to be, you will need some sort of protective equipment installed in your business. Depending on what space your business takes place in, this protection may need any one of several different shapes or forms. No matter which one you need, The Virus Guard has a solution for you.

Our hanging Virus Guard shield is one of the more popular options for companies. It’s easy to install and is hung from the ceiling at whatever height is appropriate for your business operations. 

Our desktop Virus Guard shield is another common choice. This shield can easily be put into place around a computer or register, with a transaction slot to exchange necessary items. The desktop Virus Guard shield rests on the surface of the counter or desk. This a perfect solution for office spaces or for administration desks where a guest or client might check in. 

Lastly, we also offer a standing Virus Guard which is perfect for locations where people are standing or waiting in line. It features a clear acrylic shield mounted to a free-standing aluminum frame. It can also be converted into a desktop shield if desired. 

As with all of our products, if you have any questions related to the product itself or the installation, feel free to reach out to Virus Guard. Our expert team is dedicated to quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and safety in the public sphere.

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